Would you like to deeply connect with who you are at soul level and then get support to take your gifts, talents and vision out into the world?

Want a coach with a difference, who works with your soul self using their intuition and helping you to develop yours? 

I offer A FLEXIBLE AND PERSONALLY TAILORED COACHING PACKAGE for creative and entrepreneurial women who feel its time to step into their divinely given power and create the life that's calling them.

This is a personally tailored journey. After an initial consultation, we mix and match from the sessions below, depending on your needs and interests. I also bring my tarot cards to each session and other personal and spiritual development tools. We work within a conventional coaching framework that helps you clarify and meet your goals.

I'm 100% committed to your growth and transformation, supporting you to step into your power, use your own inner wisdom and express your soul level gifts to create a life, work or business that's aligned to the truth of who you are.

Real transformation takes time and my clients are all at different starting points. The coaching I offer is flexible: There's no set programme to follow - we adapt to your needs and go at your own pace.

Sessions can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, depending on your lifestyle, goals and needs.

Coaching starts from £600 for 6 sessions/readings, plus initial consultation and final check in (8 sessions in total) . 

Contact me to schedule an initial conversation, to see if we're a good fit.

I also offer the sessions below on a stand-alone basis.


Do you have a repeating pattern that's affecting your ability to take action and create success?

Perhaps a fear of visibility, a resistance to making money beyond a certain level, or a tendency to sabotage yourself?

It may well be linked to a past life-time. In this guided hypnosis session, we will find the root and do energy work to clear this block, leaving you free to move forwards with more joy and ease.

Stand-alone session is £100. Contact me to book.



What if you could travel into the future and see the highest possible vision of your business?

And then bring back a step-by-step plan to make it happen?

My clients say an FLP session has accelerated their success, giving them the roadmap and the right energy with which to move forwards.

Stand-alone session is £100. Contact me to book.



Want to connect with your divine gifts and talents, and discover your purpose? 

Fed up of following multiple business coaches, jumping on all of the latest business bandwagons, but still not getting the results you seek?

Want to know how you are uniquely designed to be in the world and do business?

woman working

We are all different, and we all live, work, communicate and do business differently!

The key to ease, flow, happiness and 'success' is discovering who we are and following our own unique path.

In an Akashic Records reading, I read your soul's energetic blueprint to discover your divinely-given gifts and talents, your strengths and weaknesses, and help you design your life, career or business in a way that is right for you.

I offer two readings:

  • A basic Akashic Records reading covers your gifts and talents, life lesson, your unique manifesting style, and  your past life blocks and issues. This includes energy clearing work to help clear old patterns and realign you to your soul's truth.
  • An Akashic Records reading for Business, which includes  how you're uniquely designed to do business. You'll have the  information and inspiration to guide the creation of your products and services, your marketing and sales processes, and other aspects of your business. This reading saves you time and money - you'll feel calm and clear and know exactly what to do (and what to let go of).

An Akashic Records reading costs £149 and an Akashic Records for Business Reading costs £249. Contact me to book your reading today.