Sometimes you just need a one-off session, for a bit of clarity, insight and inspiration. All of my sessions are intended to help you return to the 'true you', your inner power, and to create your life, work or business from that place. Have a look below to see what speaks to you the most at this time.



A one hour intuitive reading, where I tap into the energy of the situation and use my tarot cards to help you gain more clarity on your situation, the options available to you and the way ahead. We can look at one or more areas of your life. This is an interactive reading, where you do not just sit and listen, but get involved in co-creating the reading and coming up with solutions and next steps. Read more & book....



A guided hypnosis session where I support you to access your life in 1-5 years time to gain insight into the possibilities ahead of you. We really get into the nitty-gritty of your vision, answering any questions that you have about where your life, work or business is heading. We also work out the next steps you need to take now in order to get you there.
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Many of the blocks, obstacles and repeating 'negative' patterns we face stem from past lifetimes. In this guided hypnosis session, I guide you to the lifetime that is at the root of a difficulty you're currently facing in your life. You'll gain understanding of how the problem or pattern started and we'll also do some energy clearing work to set a clean slate.
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This is an Akashic Records Reading in which I tune into your soul energy (with your permission), to give you information about your Soul Purpose, your innate soul-level gifts and talents, and any past life blocks and patterns that are blocking the expression of your purpose in your current lifetime. The reading is intended to help you realign your life and work in order to allow in more happiness, flow and abundance.
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A specialised Akashic Records reading for your business. I will access your soul record to tell you about the business activities that are most aligned to who you are at soul level, and those that do not suit you energetically. This helps you to design your business in a way that best fits who you are and unlocks your flow to financial abundance, rather than blocking yourself by following what other people do or advise you should do.
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A bespoke package of 5 sessions over 1-2 months to inspire and support you through significant change. We'll 'pick and mix' a spiritual support package for you, which may include one hour sessions of: Soul Purpose Reading, Future Life Progression, Past Life Regression, Business Reading, Intuitive Guidance and Coaching. I will also include Reiki healing if that appeals to you. Before you book, I offer a 30 min free consultation to asses your needs. Read more & book...