Business Energy MOT

This reading is designed for you if you have an established and profitable businesses, but want an energy check and 'tune up'- hence, Business MOT!

Would you like to know how to get more more flow in your business, in terms of clients and cash?

Would you like to get things growing and scaling faster?

Wondering if you could be doing business in a way that feels more natural to you and more aligned with who you are?

In this detailed Business Energy Reading, I'll firstly look at your Soul Energy (via the Akashic Records) to see how you naturally do business. As we're all made differently, we all do business in different ways. What works for one person won't necessarily be the best business model or method for you.

I'll then look at the different aspects of your business: your products and services, clients, marketing, contributors, sales processes and business systems - to see if there are any energetic mis-alignments which may be blocking the flow of clients and money into your business. I'll suggest things you can do to change things, to get things moving again.

I'll take time to conduct your reading before we speak - each reading takes a couple of hours to prepare - and then we'll have a one hour Zoom call where I'll share my findings with you. I'll also send you a written report that you can keep and refer to and I'll conduct an energy clearing for your business to re-set everything.

You're welcome to check in with me afterwards to tell me what's changed and to ask a follow-up question.

This reading is suitable for you if you have an established business that you want to improve. If you're at the beginning of your business journey, or if you're changing track, a Business Alignment Reading will be more useful to you.

The cost of a Business Energy MOT is £300, which includes the one-to-one session, energy clearing and written report.



Make your payment for your reading. I'll then email you to ask for some information about you and your business so I can access your Akashic Record accurately and ethically. We'll also arrange a time for our call.

Please ensure you have your current email address linked to your Paypal account, so I can easily contact you.

Client feedback

"My reading with Maria was brilliant. As business owners we are basically winging it with our ideas and confidence to move forward with them, it can be a lonely place. So to have the kind of insight that Maria offers in these readings, it gives a wonderful reassurance regarding your direction of travel.

I spent a lot of the reading nodding and laughing, and now have much more confidence in listening to my intuition on things."

- Julie Creffield, Community Engagement Strategist & Business Mentor