Are you at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey? Or perhaps you're restrategizing what you do? 

Going around in circles trying to define your offer, business model, marketing strategies etc? 

Wish you could design your business to fit you perfectly, for the greatest ease and financial flow? 

In this Akashic Records reading, I look at your Soul Blueprint - the unique and specific blend of energy your Soul is made up of, which gives you your personal characteristics, gifts, talents and challenges.

Based on your this, I then give you information on the types of business activities that you're most aligned to - including the most aligned way of working with clients, and the most appropriate marketing, sales and business systems for you.

I'll also tell you about the activities you're NOT suited to - those that could take you off your path and make your business feel like hard work!

This will save you the time, money and energy trying to work it all out for yourself.

flower of life

As a BONUS, I'll check where you're currently putting your mental, emotional and physical energy and guide you to realign to your soul level truth.

This reading will be delivered to you as a written report and a specially-recorded, personalized video that you can keep and refer to again and again.

The INTRODUCTORY COST of a Business Alignment reading is £89. 


Make your payment for your reading. I'll then email you to ask for some information about you and your business so I can access your Akashic Record accurately and ethically. As I do all readings personally - no computer generated reports! - it may take 7-10 days to send you your reading.

Please ensure you have your current email address linked to your Paypal account, so I can easily contact you after you've booked