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 Ready to make things happen in your life, work or business? 

If you found yourself here, I'm guessing you probably have a vision of what your ideal life would look like, but you (a) find yourself carrying on in the same routines every day, not really changing much, feeling frustrated and worrying that time is running out; and/or (b) you're running around in circles, reading all the books, listening to all the podcasts, taking all the courses and throwing everything at it, but overwhelming and exhausting yourself in the process?

The Wise Owl Coven is for you!

This is a low-cost monthly membership programme for witchy womxn* who want to connect with their inner power and create magic in their lives, work or businesses. 

Don't worry this isn't a full-on 'coven', but a safe and transformative spiritual and personal development space where we gather to:

    • Set our intentions with every New Moon
    • Release what's holding us back with every Full Moon
    • Deepen our Tarot practice**
    • Build our Manifesting abilities
    • Reconnect with our Inner Wisdom
    • Develop our self-esteem and self-belief
    • Stay on track with changes we want to make in our life, work or business

Imagine if you had this structure and support around your dreams, plus a friendly community of womxn to keep you moving forwards and keep you accountable. 


  • Once a month, you'll receive a virtual pack of transformational tools by email including empowering video lessons, guided visualisations, tarot/oracle card spreads, journaling prompts and other goodies...
  • Twice a month we'll gather for moon rituals in the private Facebook group: intention-setting at the New Moon and releasing and forgiveness at the Full Moon. These two 'live' events can be deeply transformative in themselves and help to set a structure for your action-taking
  • The Facebook group is available to you at all times, so you can share your intentions, progress, stumbling blocks, questions and get support and encouragement (I'm in there every day to teach, inspire and cheer-lead!

This isn't just another coaching programme - we focus on clarifying your soul-inspired vision, building your tool-box, developing your self-belief and clearing the energetic and practical blocks and obstacles that hold you back or get in your way. 


  • You love all that witchy stuff! Tarot, following the lunar cycles, manifesting, intuitive development...
  • You have a BIG vision for your life/career/business and you'd like some help to work towards it
  • You easily go off-track with your goals and would like support as you take inspired action
  • You can doubt yourself and get discouraged, and you'd like to build your self-belief
  • You enjoy hanging out with like-minded womxn, supporting and celebrating each other's achievements
  • You want real change, are committed to moving forwards intentionally, in alignment with your soul

I'm experienced spiritual coach and teacher. I've been coaching people one-to-one since 2007 and running spiritual development groups since 2012.

The Coven brings together all of my tools and teachings in one place - this is the one-stop shop for feeling supported as you work towards your dreams, while also learning about tarot, energy, law of attraction, moon cycles and all of that other witchy stuff.

I'm pretty grounded and practical - there's no fluffy unicorn stuff here. We just learn the tools that get you to where you want to be. I also blend my spirituality with politics - I believe that helping womxn to connect with their inner power and make things happen for themselves is radical work.


If you've been pondering it, I'd urge you to jump in now because:

  • There's a special offer of £15 per month for the next 16 people (set at this rate for as long as you stay in)
  • Then the price will go up to £25 per month for the rest of the year

Signing up now means you get the Membership at a great rate, and have a chance to shape what happens in the Coven. There's already a great community of womxm for you to join.

Your monthly payments will start once you sign up, and you can cancel your Membership at any time. Once you've signed up, I'll email you within 24 hours to confirm you're in, and then send your Welcome Pack. (I'll use your PayPal email address, unless you tell me otherwise).

You may still be thinking: is this for me? 

If you have any questions about the Coven, feel free to drop me a line and ask. And, remember, you're not tied in for life. If you find it's not for you, you can leave at any time.

But you may just find that it's the best thing you've done this year! Especially when you look back in a year's time and see how much more self-belief you have and how far you've travelled towards your dreams.

So, now's your time.

Are you in?!

*Womxn is an inclusive term currently used by some intersectional feminists to get away from patriarchal language that positions women as the extensions of men; to explicitly include trans women and non-binary people; and explicitly include women of colour. Although there is ongoing discussion about language, with some women not liking the term, for now 'womxn' sits right with me. Most importantly, I am committed to equity and inclusion of all kinds and expect those in my community to be respectful to and accepting of our different lives, identities and experiences.

**Tarot beginners welcome - I will be guiding you to read intuitively at first, but will include some structured tarot teaching in the Coven for those who need it.