Clients often come to me saying they have 'blocks' to clear before they can achieve success.

They feel these blocks are holding them back from getting started, making progress or obtaining the results that others have.

My answer isn't one they usually expect: The best way to clear blocks is to take ACTION! Let me explain:

'Blocks' are basically stuck energy. Energy can get stuck in the emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual aspects of our being.

  • Emotional blocks include: Prolonged 'heavy' emotions that feel like they weigh us down e.g. anger, jealousy or sadness; Emotional patterns we find ourselves repeating again and again e.g. playing the victim, or serving everyone else's needs except for our own; Emotionally-laden memories we carry from our past that can be triggered and send us into a tailspin.
  • Mental blocks include: Brain clutter than makes it hard to focus on one thing; Worry and anxiety; repetitive thoughts about a person or situation; Mental to-do lists; Negative self-talk - including persistent negative thoughts about our self worth and ability to achieve.
  • Physical blocks include: Lack of physical energy because of illness, or through expending more energy than we are generating; Being literally 'blocked up' with foods, drinks, toxins or other substances that make it hard for our biological systems to function as they should; Clutter in our homes and other physical spaces.
  • Spiritual blocks include: Being cut off from our connection to Divine Source energy and the Divine part of ourselves; Carrying soul-level blocks from previous life-times or from our ancestors.

Efforts to clear any or all of these will undoubtedly help us to get more focused, productive and successful in our lives and businesses.

But we could spend a life-time - a huge amount of time and money - focusing on clearing our blocks, and still not move forwards. In fact, some people almost make a career out of clearing their blocks!

I've moved in 'new age' and 'alternative living' circles for many years and I've seen many, many people who do the rounds, going from one healer to another wanting to clear their 'blocks'.

They try Shamanism, Reiki, Psychotherapy, Group Therapy, Sound Baths, Rapid Transformation Therapy, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies, Mindfulness, Mediumship, Family Constellations... and they also come to me for Tarot, Akashic Records Readings, Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression... and the other things I've offered over the years.

All of these modalities are fantastic. I've found great benefit from all of them myself.

But they are all limited without one thing: TAKING ACTION!

I strongly believe in combining the spiritual and the practical. And I usually guide my clients to get focused and productive alongside clearing stuck energy and opening up the flow. In fact, I believe ACTION is, in itself, actually the first step to 'unblocking'. Here's why:

By taking action we move energy.

And intentional and consistent action shifts us from one energetic state to another. We re-pattern - literally change - our energetic make-up. And this change can impact us on every level: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual, because our energy systems are inter-related.

Taking action also means that the 'blocks' we've cleared also have less chance of coming back. If we have an energy clearing, then just keep on making the same choices and doing the same things, the energy that comes in will be the same as the energy we've thrown out. By taking new action, we create new kinds of energy and new circumstances in our lives.

Even tiny actions make a difference: baby steps lead to small vibrational changes in our energy field. Over time, these small actions are cumulative and lead to bigger shifts and real transformations.

So the next question is: How do I know which actions to take? My answer is: Decide what you want to achieve and start to do a tiny thing each day to work towards it. Focus on one small goal or milestone at a time to focus your energy as much as possible.

Do that tiny thing each day even if you don't feel like it, even if you have other stuff going on in your life. Action creates motivation, self belief, confidence and all of the other things people try and achieve through various healing and therapeutic techniques.

And in terms of clearing work, by all means do the meditations and go and see healers, therapists etc, but make these appointments alongside your action-taking and not instead of it. Use them to support you as you take charge of your life and create change.

This has been my personal recipe for success. And it's also why I combine spiritual and practical approaches, so I can support my clients to take action to reclaim their divine power and create real transformation in their lives, careers and businesses.

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