Wondering about why you're here and what you have to offer to the world?

Struggling to find your direction in your life or work?

Want to live and work in greater alignment with your authentic truth: with who you are at soul level?

In a Soul Purpose Reading, I will access your Akashic Record (the energetic record of your soul) to discover your Divine Gifts & Talents. I will give you insights into your strengths and weaknesses, the kinds of work and activities you're suited to, and those that you're not so suited to.

I can also look at your past lives and pick up on any repeating karmic patterns that may be getting in the way of you recognising and expressing your purpose in your current lifetime.

I will do your reading before we speak. We'll then arrange a one hour telephone or Zoom call so I can share your reading with you and discuss any changes you may want to make to your life. I'll also conduct an energy clearing. After the session I'll send you a written report for you to keep and refer to.

A Soul Purpose Reading costs £149.

Please note - if you would like a business reading, please go here instead.



Make your payment. I'll then contact you within 24 hours to ask you for the information I need to access your Akashic Record accurately and ethically and do your reading. We'll also arrange a time for our call. Please ensure you check the email address linked to your PayPal account.


If you're preparing for a period of significant life change, I also offer a bespoke package of 5 different one-to-one sessions to support you through your shift.

Before you book, we'll schedule a 30 minute free consultation to make sure I understand your needs and to mutually assess whether this is right for you.

We will then 'pick and mix' a spiritual support package for you, which may include one hour sessions of: Soul Purpose Reading, Future Life Progression, Past Life Regression, Business Alignment Reading, Intuitive Guidance with Tarot, or Coaching. You can have more than one of a particular session within the total of 5 sessions.

If you're up for some energy healing, I will also include at least two distant Reiki sessions as a bonus (I'm a Reiki Master).

We can schedule your sessions over a period of one or two months to support your transformation.

This bundle costs £499.


Contact me to book your 30 min free consultation session. Please note, this is not a free coaching session - in order to respect my time and yours, only book if you're serious about purchasing the Spiritual Transformation Bundle.