Are you curious about your past lives?

Do you have a repeating pattern in your life or work that you can't shake off and that's affecting your success?

Perhaps a fear of visibility, a resistance to making money beyond a certain level, or a pattern of sabotaging yourself just when things are getting good? Would you like to see if it's linked to a past life-time, so you can understand it and clear it for good?

In a Past Life Regression session, we discuss the areas of your life, work or business you'd like to explore and/or the things that are holding you back. We identify the main or most pressing issue for us to work on.

I then guide you into a relaxed hypnotic state (you're still fully aware of what's going on around you and can come out of this at any time). We then visit the past life that has most relevance to the 'block' that's getting in the way of your success.

We go back to the root / point of origin of the recurring 'block' We then do some energy work to rewrite the story and let go of the pattern.

Clients find that seeing where the problem came from helps them to release it. They also develop greater compassion for themselves and a new perspective of themselves as a spiritual being. As well as clearing old patterns, they may also discover hidden talents and get ideas for new ways of doing things.

This is an online session conducted via Zoom. One session, lasting up to 90 minutes, costs £198. This includes a check-in by email up to one month later.



Make your payment and I'll then contact you within 24 hours to arrange a mutually convenient time for your session (I'm in the UK, but I can offer some flexibility for different time-zones).

I will contact you via the address attached to you PayPal account. If you prefer me to use a different email address, please contact me.


"Thank you so much for the session! As you know, I looked at a persistent, but quite subtle, feeling in my life which I've never quite managed to get to the bottom of. You guided me easily into the past life which has contributed to those feelings in this lifetime. The session gave me a lot to think about and I'm still doing that. I wasn't familiar with that period of history, but afterwards Googled various aspects of what I'd seen as was thrilled to see some of it matched and to find out more. The healing process you guided me through was also wonderful!"

A. Davis, Sussex

"Maria took me on a past life regression to help me understand where my business blocks are coming from. It was a truly wonderful experience, opening my eyes and helping me see, feel and understand my blocks. A week later, we went on a Future Life Progression - WOW, this gave clarity and real excitement showing me my path is as I have planned and then bigger and helped me to focused and put some real life goals in place to build bigger building blocks. It gave me the confidence to “JFDI” believe in what I stand for and why I want to tell my story and educate others at the same time."

Vicky O'Farrell, Personality Profiler, Trainer, Motivational Speaker

"Wonderful, positive relaxing and compassionate , highly recommended"

Nichola, Therapist & Coach