What if you could time-travel 5 years into the future to see the best possible version of your business and discover exactly the steps to get there?

In an FLP session I take you on a guided journey to see the highest potential for your business & life. With this information you'll be able to map out your strategy to make it happen.

You'll also talk with the 'future you' and identify the energy you need to step into for your success.

When you know what to do and how to show up, you don't have to actually wait 5 years - you can be, do and have it now!

Future Life Progression is a relatively new technique invented by my teacher Anne Jirsch. With its origins in NLP, hypnotherapy and psychic work. It works in a similar way to Past Life Regression, tapping into your subconscious mind and your higher / soul self.

I guide you into a relaxed state and then prompt you based on what you're seeing or feeling. Unlike listening to a recording, I help you to really dig into your future life and get the information you're seeking.

FLP has been the well-kept secret of high-level business people, celebrities and politicians for the past few years. Why not find out why they love it so much?!



An FLP session costs £95.

This is a one hour session that takes place via Zoom.

Pay for your session and . I'll then contact you within 24 hours to schedule your appointment.

Please ensure you have a current email address linked to your PayPal account, as this is how I'll contact you. If you want me to use a different email, contact me here. 

Previous FLP clients say: 

"I had my first ever FLP session with Maria last week. I was a little nervous, but I needn't have worried, Maria explained how the session would work, put me at ease immediately and the session was amazing! The visualisation gave me such clarity about the direction of my business and some key elements in my life. I came away with a strong sense of self, a revived purpose and an understanding of the next steps. Yesterday a good friend gave me a present... a beautiful crystal in the shape of a diamond, exactly as I had seen in my session! I can't recommend Maria highly enough. Her wisdom, sensitivity and calm approach make her a joy to work with."

Jenny Gordon, Jenuine Consulting, Oxfordshire

"Maria is really talented and calm at what she does. She gave me a Future Life Progression session and it gave me so much clarity about where I want to take my business and the blocks that I have been putting in my own way. Feel so much lighter now I have done the work with her. Thank you Maria xx"

- Jo Permaul, Homeopath, London

"Thank you so much Maria! It was great. I plan to work towards that vision and I have already started. It feels right! It was an amazing experience and you guided me there effortlessly."

Krista Townsend, Health Coach, United States

"I really enjoyed my Future Life Progression session with Maria. Images and ideas popped into my mind as to where I'll be living and working in 5 years time - things that I would never have consciously thought about, and they just felt right! So was quite surprising and fascinating at the same time. I also felt totally safe and held, and Maria explained really well what we were going to be doing. For anyone curious I'd say give it a go!"

- Julie, Public Sector Professional, Brighton

"Thank you Maria... It was a really interesting session and I found it easier to hold onto the feelings that came up around my future than I have done when I've written out a visualisation"

- Rachel, Business Coach, London