Are you struggling with a decision in your life, work or business?

Not clear on your options, or which path to take?

Would you benefit from an intuitive guidance session, to help come up with your next steps?

In this one hour session, I'll use my intuition to tune into the energy of your situation. Then I'll grab my tarot cards and look at the situation more deeply, including any underlying obstacles, influences, themes and patterns and also at your potential paths ahead.

Through my coaching skills, I'll also help you tap into your own inner knowing. We may do a mini visualisation if appropriate.

This isn't a psychic reading where you just sit back, waiting for me to tell you what to do. You'll be fully involved in exploring your situation and coming up with a way forwards.

You'll leave with a much clearer sense of what's going on, what you want to do, and some practical action steps.

This one hour session costs £99 and will take place online using Zoom.

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