The Wise Owl Coven is an affordable membership community for witchy women who are committed to a path of spiritual and personal transformation. The Coven currently operates via a Facebook group. 

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Don't worry this isn't a full-on 'coven', but a safe and supportive space where we gather to:

    • Reconnect with our Inner Wisdom
    • Find & follow our True (Soul's) Path
    • Learn / deepen our Tarot Reading  skills
    • Follow the Seasonal & Lunar Cycle
    • Stay on track with changes we want to make in our lives, work or business


  • New Moon & Full Moon Rituals in the closed Facebook group: Each point in the lunar cycle gives us a chance to renew our focus. In the Coven, we set our intentions at the New Moon and Release & Forgive with the Full Moon. I either go 'live' or post a video on the days of the new & full moons to lead a transformational ritual using tarot, journaling and meditation.
  • Seasonal Resource for Personal /Spiritual Development - We follow the Celtic Wheel of the Year and at each point on the Wheel, I create and send out a  resource with ideas for celebrating, along with a seasonal tarot spread. Previous resource are stored in the Facebook group along with other workshops and courses e.g.  Wand Making, Ancestral Healing and a tarot course.
  • Private Facebook group a place where the Coven gathers and where you can share your intentions, insights, challenges, questions and get support. I post every day Mon - Fri, to teach, inspire and cheer-lead! On Tuesdays we share our tarot card for the day / week and I provide my interpretations.

The Coven is a community focused on your personal and spiritual growth, supporting you to develop your self-belief and intuitive power. 


  • You love all that 'witchy stuff'! Tarot or oracle cards, the moon cycles, the pagan Wheel of the Year, intuitive development...
  • You have a vision for your life/career/business and you'd like support as you work towards it
  • You easily go off-track with your intentions and would like accountability to keep you focused
  • You can doubt yourself and get discouraged, and you'd like to build your self-belief
  • You enjoy hanging out with like-minded women, supporting and celebrating each other's growth
  • You want change, are committed to moving forwards, in alignment with your soul's path


The Coven costs just £15 per month (fixed at this rate for as long as you decide to stay).

There's already a great community of womem for you to join, but this isn't a huge faceless group where you get lost in the crowd. I cap numbers at 30 to ensure the group retains its intimate, safe and supportive feel (there are currently around 20 women in the group)

Your monthly payments will start once you sign up, and you can cancel your Membership at any time. Once you've signed up, I'll email you within 24 hours to confirm you're in (I'll use your PayPal email address, unless you tell me otherwise).

Click the link below to:


You may still be thinking: is this for me? 

If you have any questions about the Coven, feel free to drop me a line and ask.

And, remember, you're not tied in for life. If you find it's not for you, you can leave at any time.

But you may just find that it's the best thing you've done this year! Especially when you look back in a year's time and see how much your energy has shifted, how much self-belief you have and how much progress you've made.

Are you joining us?