A 6 week spiritual growth course that will serve you for life(times)!

Are you interested in spiritual development?

Soul Power is your next step! Or, rather, Soul Power, is your foundation!

This 6 week course will help bring you greater inner peace, strong self-belief and more authenticity to your life, work or business. Everyone who enrolls will receive a mini Akashic Records reading that reveals their primary soul energy type.

Over 6 weeks, there will then be teaching, guided visualisation and other activities to help you:

-See yourself as a Spiritual Being
- Listen to the Voice of your Soul
- Understand your Soul Purpose
- Discover your Past Lives
- Connect with your Future Self
- Integrate spiritual awareness into your Daily Life

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What's this course about?

We all have an in-built source of wisdom, which is infinite, creative and intimately connected to Source.

However, most of us forget this as soon as we are born. We get carried away from our true selves on the tide of others' expectations; we do what we think we are meant to do; and we struggle along trying to work everything out in our heads.

We may have yearnings, soul stirrings and desires, but mostly we push them aside and carry on with our 'normal' lives, afraid of rocking the boat, disappointing people, or scared of what stepping into our own power will look like.

Until one day, we remember that there's another way! We remember our spiritual essence and link to Source; we reconnect to who we are at soul level; we start to listen to our inner guidance; tap into our past life memories and lessons; and learn to access our intuitive guidance to make our decisions and plans...

This course will guide you onto - or further along - that path...

What's included?

Each week's lesson will include video-based teaching plus one or more guided visualisations and other activities to help you connect with your Soul's energy, its wisdom and path.

The visualisations will include Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression journeys, which I usually only use with my one-to-one clients.

There will also be a Facebook group where you can share your experiences and reflections in if you wish (this is optional, but many of my students enjoy the sense of community and support within a group. If you'd like to work through the course on your own, at your own pace, that's completely fine too).

When does the course begin?

The course kicks off on 1st October. That's when you'll get an email with links to the Welcome video & access to the Facebook group. You'll have a few days to settle in and then we'll begin the course properly on Mon 5th Oct, when the first lesson will be released.

If you've done my courses before, you may be wondering if this one will be as intense as you know I like to give lots of value! There won't be as much 'teaching' as usual, but you'll be diving deeply into your soul self, so your experience of the course might feel quite intense. I'd suggest clearing space every week, so you can really take time to engage in the process and notice what's coming up for you.

Spiritual development takes a lifetime- or, in fact, many lifetimes! So you'll have lifetime access to the course materials - they are yours to download and keep. I will keep the Facebook group open after the course too, so you can pop back to ask a question or share your experiences.

At some point I will probably move the course to an online course platform, and you'll continue to have access, even if/when the price goes up for new people.

I may not offer an Akashic Records reading as part of this course again though.

Who is this course for?

This course is for you if:

- You want to awaken to your spiritual essence, or you are further along on your spiritual path and you want to deepen your soul connection
- You are are open to the shifts and transformations that occur when you start listening to and trusting your soul's wisdom, and you start living, working or running your business in closer alignment to who you are at soul level
- You want to create the strong, inner core of self-belief that comes from understanding your soul's journey

This course may not be for you if:

- You are in the midst of grief or other emotional turmoil
- You have epilepsy or other health condition that causes seizures (guided visualisation can sometimes trigger these)
- You have a mental health challenge that can include disassociation, depersonalisation or another state where you become disconnected from reality (deep spiritual work can potentially trigger an episode).
If any of this applies to you, I strongly suggest discussing this course with your health practitioner before booking. You can also contact me if you'd like to discuss this.