Corporate Training & Consultancy


Want to take a different approach to developing your team?

Curious about how intuition can give your company the edge in business?

I'm a former University Lecturer and Charity CEO and am used to working with and training senior leaders.

I offer bespoke training and consultancy packages for forward-thinking companies and teams.

Training can range from an hour to a whole year. It can be in person or online, and can include:

  • Future Life Progression to help develop you and your team create a personal and collective vision for the future of your business
  • Intuition training to hone those 'gut instincts' in decision-making
  • Business Energy Reading to discover where the blocks are in your business and to suggest how to get things flowing again (this can include personal energy readings for some / all of your team)
  • Manifesting training, using energetic and practical techniques to create fast results


Contact me to discuss your needs.