Struggling to get your business going on your own? Or more established and feeling you need some support?

Need someone to discuss your business with, who'll help you to get past resistance and take aligned action?

Prefer a coach who takes a spiritual approach?

 I'm a qualified coach with a number of standard coaching tools to draw upon, but I also bring my intuitive skills along to every session.

Just like a traditional coaching relationship, we'll agree what you'll work on, we'll each show up at an agreed time each week or fortnight, you'll set goals and actions and I'll hold you accountable.

But I may also lay out a tarot spread, guide you in a visualization and bring in other spiritual and personal development exercises along the way.

No two sessions are the same! But you'll 100% be listened to, supported and guided as you step into your personal power and work towards the transformations you want to make.

How does this work? 

I offer a three month Intuitive Coaching Programme that includes:

  • An introductory 1 hour session to set your goals
  • 6 x Fortnightly one-to-one sessions via Zoom
  • Future Life Progression session
  • Past Life Regression session
  • Business Alignment Reading OR a Business Energy MOT, depending on the stage of business you're at.

Intuitive Coaching packages cost £720  (monthly payment plan available).




Get in touch to tell me a bit about yourself and why you think you'd benefit from working with me. We can then hop on no-pressure Zoom call together to see if this programme is right for you - I might even lay out my tarot cards to see what they say!

I only take on a couple of coaching clients at a time, so I can give them the attention and energy they deserve. I want to make sure we're a good fit and that I will be able to help you achieve the transformation you seek.