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Maria Antoniou PhD


I'm Maria (pronouns she/they) and here's a bit about my story:

I was born and raised in East London, within a Cypriot family.

Always the rebel and the 'black sheep', I spent my childhood and teenage years hiding in my bedroom, reading anything I could get my hands on, listening to The Smiths and making clothes out of curtains...

I escaped to university 'up North' (the first in my immediate family to go)...because I'd imagined it would be all about books, patchouli oil and deep, late night conversations (it wasn't!).

I then moved around the country for a bit, doing various jobs and courses - including a PhD in Women's Studies, before settling in Brighton, on the south coast.

I 'discovered' spirituality and personal development in my late '20s, while going through a difficult time, and started reading, exploring and training.

Honestly, it's changed my life, taking me from painfully shy and people-pleasing... to someone who is often described as 'confident and self-assured'.

I began coaching professionally and running workshops and courses in my late '30s. I'm now in my late '40s and work mostly online, with clients around the world.

At the same time, I've built a varied career in social research, charity leadership, and business development. I still work part-time for a non profit organisation alongside running my business. It keeps me grounded and I enjoy the opportunity to make a social impact.

A socially-conscious, politically-informed approach is really important to me and I'm always learning and aiming to 'do better'.

Although most of my clients are women, I welcome and work with clients of any gender and none. I take an LGBT+ affirmative approach, and am committed to anti-racism, equity and inclusion. I often think, write and speak about how to integrate spirituality and politics. 

My 'credentials', if it's important to you:

The conventional stuff

  • First class honours degree, MA, PhD in Social Sciences
  • BTEC Level 3, Life Coaching Skills & Practice
  • Certificate in Counselling Skills (and part of a PG Diploma in Person Centred Counselling - but I dropped out as it wasn't for me, and am not a qualified counsellor)

The spiritual stuff

  • Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner (akashic records reading. I trained with Andrrea Hess, taking levels 1-3, plus additional courses in reading for business, money, manifesting, reading the future and more...)
  • Reiki Practitioner (Master / Teacher level)
  • Future Life Progression & Past Life Regression Practitioner (I trained with FLP founder Anne Jirsch)

Want to know anything else? Drop me a line.

Writing & Speaking

I'm a monthly contributor to Soulacy magazine.

I've also written for and appeared in Spirit & Destiny.

I've given talks at the UK Tarot Conference, London Tarot Festival and other events.

I'd be pleased to consider writing and speaking opportunities relevant to my audience. Please get in touch.

*Womxn is an inclusive term currently used by some intersectional feminists to get away from patriarchal language that positions women as the extensions of men; to explicitly include trans women and non-binary people; and explicitly include women of colour. Although there is ongoing discussion about language, with some women not liking the term, for now 'womxn' sits right with me. Most importantly, I am committed to equity and inclusion of all kinds and expect those in my community to be respectful to and accepting of our different lives, identities and experiences.