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Maria Antoniou PhD


I'm Maria, and I help creative and entrepreneurial womxn like you to reach their business & life goals by tapping into their inner wisdom and doing business their way.

You're independent, original and unique... so why follow someone else's template or path? Why become an identikit of your role models, or other people in your field, rather than standing out, shining and following your own soul's truth?

I support my clients to return to their centre, to their spiritual essence, and show up from that place. They can then integrate the skills they've learnt from various business courses, rather than trying one thing after another and hoping it works for them.

My approach to spirituality is practical and grounded. I always strive to be myself and to show up authentically. I'm originally from East London, from a Cypriot family, so I'm typically straight-talking and tell it like it is. No online business gloss here!

I have been coaching since 2007 and running spiritual workshops and giving intuitive readings since 2012. In 2019, I took my business online (perhaps I could sense what was coming...?).

My professional background is in social research and charity leadership. A socially-conscious, politically informed approach is central to my work.

Although most of my clients are women, I welcome and work with clients of any gender and none. I take an LGBT+ affirmative approach, and am committed to anti-racism, equity and inclusion. I often write and speak about how to integrate spirituality and politics. 

Writing & Speaking

I'm a monthly contributor to Soulacy magazine. My writing has also been published in UK magazine Spirit & Destiny.

I've given talks at the UK Tarot Conference, London Tarot Festival and other events.

I'd be pleased to consider writing and speaking opportunities. Please get in touch.

*Womxn is an inclusive term currently used by some intersectional feminists to get away from patriarchal language that positions women as the extensions of men; to explicitly include trans women and non-binary people; and explicitly include women of colour. Although there is ongoing discussion about language, with some women not liking the term, for now 'womxn' sits right with me. Most importantly, I am committed to equity and inclusion of all kinds and expect those in my community to be respectful to and accepting of our different lives, identities and experiences.