I'm Maria, an experienced PSYCHIC & SPIRITUAL COACH.

I help entrepreneurs to uncover their PURPOSE and get their busness into ALIGNMENT with this,  gain insights into their PAST & FUTURE LIVES, and CLEAR SOUL-LEVEL BLOCKS to financial success.

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How I help:

  • Akashic Records Readings, revealing to clients who they are at Soul level and helping them get their life & business into energetic alignment
  • Future Life Progression, guiding clients see the vision for their business and receive advice from their future self
  • Past Life Regression, uncovering and healing energetic patterns and blocks to financial success
  • Intuitive Coaching combining practical & spiritual techniques to help clients step into their power and achieve their BIG goals.


Future Life Progression

What if you could travel into the future and see your life and business in 1, 2, or 5 years time? What if you could see the book you want to write or the service you want to launch? And then ask your future self for a step by step action plan for the best chance of success?

You can! I've a qualified Future Life Progression practitioner. FLP is the well-kept secret of celebrities, business leaders and Hollywood directors - find out why! Learn more.


Business Reading Testimonial

"Maria has a profound sense of where a person is and what they need. She helped me get focused and back on track and I am using her insights to help me reach for the next stage in my life. I highly recommend her gentle, empowering and intuitive guidance."

Sinead Fine, Tarot Teacher, Israel

Future Life Progression

"Maria is really talented and calm at what she does. She gave me a Future Life Progression session and it gave me so much clarity about where I want to take my business and the blocks that I have been putting in my own way. Feel so much lighter now I have done the work with her. Thank you Maria xx

Jo Permaul, Homeopath, London

Course Testimonial

"Doing the Manifest in a Month course has utterly transformed my working life... I have learnt so much about how best to proceed in my business ... channeling specific energy with true intent allows me to be significantly more productive. An inspiring and invigorating experience!"

Chloe Edwards, Owner of a Food Business

Business Reading Testimonial

"I had the opportunity for a reading with Maria and it was so good. She knew nothing about me, but her reading made me feel she has known me personally for a long time. I had been contemplating what my gifts were and her answers were BANG on."

Sneha Hiremath, Professional Image Consultant, Bangalore

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